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Exploding Interest in Pinterest

I’m just going to say it… Pinterest will be the most explosive Social Media platform in 2012. Sorry Google+.

Pinterest is an incredible social media platform where people are able to easily share and spread likable content. Although Pinterest currently has a vast female user-base, I believe that in 2012 this Social Media platform is going to erupt across all ages, genders, and nationalities!

With Pinterest you have the ability to Like content just like on Facebook, as well as “repin” the really cool stuff!

Pinterest Repin

What “repinning” means is that you’re able to re-promote/share content that you really like. Then all those really cool things that you find and repin will be categorized into your “Pinterest Boards”. You are able to customize the category titles for all your boards, and then everyone on Pinterest can browse your boards and find even more sweet content!

This is going to be extremely lucrative for businesses because you can now promote your company, your small business, and your services through images and videos that are attractive & relevant to your user base. Then when your user based likes them, they will repin them onto their own boards which will then share that content — essentially share your business — with their entire following group as well as anyone on Pinterest that is interested in your business category!

Pinterest Profile

If you haven’t created your own Pinterest account or you haven’t really explored into the capabilities of this new Social Media platform, I urge you to get started. WHY? Because by 2013 Pinterest is going to expand to become as powerful and widely used as Tumblr, Twitter, Google+, and possibly even Facebook!

Happy Pinning!


Do you agree or disagree? Why?
In what ways do you see Pinterest changing the Social Media landscape?

This article was written by: Darrin Caldwell

Social Media Expert & Consultant Z-Blog author http://zeebzlink.com/z-blog/ Founder of http://ZeebzLink.com/ Just Livin' the Dream! http://www.linkedin.com/in/darrincaldwell -- 加油!

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    • Jared Miller says:

      In agreement here. Pinterest lives in the social sweet spot:

      1. It’s practical (let’s you collect your favorite imagery in one place)
      2. It lets you explore others’ content (to find even more cool stuff)
      3. It’s easy to use (pinning and repinning into categories couldn’t be slicker)
      4. It’s just plain fun to use as a curated library of your favorite stuff

      Great platform. Great prediction, Darrin.

      • Darrin Caldwell says:

        Thanks for the great comment Jared.

        In response, I really liked your points. It’s like the ultimate bookmark for online content.

        My only complaint at this point is that they haven’t yet incorporated a reporting aspect of the platform. Finding at-a-glance feedback about interactions with my profile is clunky and limited. But I’m sure they’ll get that figured out soon.


    • Jean Sasseville says:

      I have not yet pinned any documents on Pinterest but plan to so. You could “lose” hours looking at great pictures. Personnally I use it to access Infographics about Social Media.


      • Darrin Caldwell says:

        Very true on all accounts, and to your point Jean , I think that infogeaphics are a fantastic way for businesses and bloggers to gain traffic through this awesome Social Media platform!

        Thanks for the great comment Jean.

    • Florian says:

      Can’t say much so far, but like the concept very much. Great article!

      Anyone got an ivitation for me? Would appreciate it. Best, florian

      • Thank Florian!

        It’s going to grow faster than Google+ I think! There’s already some really cool marketing concepts coming out from Etsy and Amazon!

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